GIS and the Covid-19 Crisis

We’ve all seen the population maps tracking the prevalence of positive tests and hospitalizations, but did you know that those were created using GIS technology? Here’s How GIS has helped us track the Covid Pandemic In the beginning of the crisis, information was chaotic and often times incorrect regarding the prevalence and severity of the […]

Geospatial Technologies and Real Estate

Did you know that geospatial technologies are changing the game when it comes to real estate? 4 ways GIS influences Real Estate GIS gives geological information! Did you know that GIS can depict what type of land a house is built on? This is super important for determining if a home is in a flood […]

4 Fun Facts About GeoSpatial Technology

GIS in infancy The beginnings of GIS can be traced to the invention of the first flying machines! Hot air balloons were the first method of aerial imaging, soon followed by the airplane invented in 1903 by the Wright brothers. Photographs from the sky were used as the first geographic mapping tools! What’s the Weather? […]