A Customer Centric Company

Where our customers can come for the highest possible level of intelligence, management and technical advice

who we are

Founded in 2019, CyOak Consulting Group, LLC., is a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned (SDVOSB). CyOak provides cleared and uncleared geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) management and consulting solutions to Federal, State, and local entities.

We are committed to solving our customers most complex GEOINT challenges with superior customer service woven into the fabric of all we do.

why choose us

CyOak Consulting Group is committed to providing an experienced, innovative, value-added solution and environment that makes a difference. We are not afraid to “think outside the box”.

We strongly identify in providing effective solutions through acquired knowledge and seamless client interaction. Understanding that things change, we pride ourselves on adaptability and a constant eagerness to improve. 

We are true partners, respectful of our clients needs, culture, identity, and objectives; adopting  a progressive approach to client solutions.

As a consequence of our dedication to success, we strive to share our experiences, professionalism, and values across our organization; our staff bringing exceptional proficiency to projects, as well as a deep understanding and awareness to our clients needs.

What We Offer

CyOak Consulting Group, LLC ideology centers in providing unmitigated and encompassing attention to our customers. We have a propensity to listen, analyze and respond with readiness to your needs. These are just some of the things which separate us from the rest. Our services provide focused attention covering all facets of your organization’s geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) requirements.

CyOak’s team of professionals are industry veterans with decades of experience, expertise, and knowledge. We are proud of our accomplishments and will be proud to serve you.

SAR Curriculum Development

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Essential in all successful organizations is the ability to effectively maintain, mature, and progress at the tactical and strategic level. CyOak channels a successful effectiveness through experienced program/project managers capable of transcending organizational goals. From simple projects to complex multi-tiered programs, CyOak provides proficiency commensurate with success.

-Program Management Office Support

-Milestone Development

-Project Compliance Reviews

-Program Strategy Reviews

-Dependencies Reviews

-Project Audits

-Quality Assurance Reviews

Indispensable to any successful organization are those services that affect people, places, and things. CyOak provides that durable capacity in such services as human resources, financial and budgetary management, facilities management, payroll, property management, benefits, financial planning, contract and subcontract management, proposal activities as well as other similar supportive services.

-Executive Support

-Administrative Support

-Task Management

With experience comes a degree of expertise in the capacity to enhance, improve, and innovate. It is this expertise and capacity that equips CyOak with the ability to appreciate events, issues, or circumstances and provide the necessary pathways or decisions for an advantageous outcome. CyOak supports the mechanics of techniques and methodologies that enable critical judgements, assessments, and estimates indispensable to progressive success-oriented organizations.

-Human Geography

-Multi-Sensor Imagery Analysis

-Full Motion Video

-IT and Cyber

-Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT)

-Geospatial Collection Management

-Geospatial Intelligence Training

-Technical Training

-Curriculum Development

Designing the visual layout of printed materials, web pages, packaging labels and graphics, advertising, signage systems, logos and corporate identification