Business Spotlight: “History Flights”

“Using Geospatial Technology to Bring Them Home.” We’re delighted to shine a light on a non-profit organization doing big, wonderful things using geospatial technology. History Flights ( is focused on locating the remains of those brave men and women who may have been killed in action (KIA) or missing in action (MIA) overseas.  (cite: […]

4 Fun Facts About GeoSpatial Technology

GIS in infancy The beginnings of GIS can be traced to the invention of the first flying machines! Hot air balloons were the first method of aerial imaging, soon followed by the airplane invented in 1903 by the Wright brothers. Photographs from the sky were used as the first geographic mapping tools! What’s the Weather? […]

Entrepreneurship At Any Age

Innovation claims no gender. It claims no age. All it requires is a dream and the drive to make it happen. There are so many roadblocks to getting an idea off of the ground! With all the permitting, licensing, rules, and regulations, it can feel impossible to get going. However, take heart! Here are a […]

Remote Entrepreneurship: Pros & Cons

Remote Entrepreneurship The Newest Business Trend The year 2020 saw an incredible surge to remote work due to the global COVID pandemic. Like never before, society pivoted on a dime to keep the world going from small coffee tables, un-made beds, and cramped apartment porches. We took work calls with one hand while teaching virtual […]