Did you know that geospatial technologies are changing the game when it comes to real estate?

4 ways GIS influences Real Estate

  1. GIS gives geological information!
    • Did you know that GIS can depict what type of land a house is built on? This is super important for determining if a home is in a flood zone, or in danger of collapse. It can also help avid gardeners and farmers determine whether the soil is suitable for their needs!

  1. Population mapping help individuals find their ideal sociological environment
    • From detailing the amount of traffic courts in a area to identifying municipal boundaries geospatial technology is up to the task! Knowing the political boundaries of the area you’re potentially moving to is a crucial and often forgotten step. Geospatial technology can take the mystery out of moving to a new area.

  1. It’s paperless!
    • GIS allows for the easy retrieval of information at unprecedented speed. If someone is curious about a sales history, or history of ownership about a property, they don’t need to go through the hassle of requesting the relevant documents, it’s a their fingertips!

  1. Business can get ahead of the game before their business even opens
    • Knowing who lives around your business is one of the most important pieces of information a business owner can have. Even better is being able to see who lives in area you’re planning on moving into! Finding the appropriate client base used to be a guessing game until geospatial technologies came around.


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