“The blending of art and geospatial technology.”

Man has had the desire to travel and discover since our inception. Call it manifest destiny or whatever you will, we are driven to explore. However, we can also get super lost, hence the need for us to chart and map where we’ve been and where we want to go. We’ve always created maps to find our way and it’s always been considered an absolute artform!

It’s no different now, although the medium has changed. Maps now can be interactive and you can change between thermal imaging, topographic imaging, or even show just bodies of water, roads, etc. It not only helps us navigate the world around us but also the relationship between art and science. 

Although it seems that science has slowly taken over cartography compared to art, the very word “cartography” literally means “The Art of Map Making”. Who are we to argue with our old friend, Merriam-Webster?


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