“The Difference Between GIS and Geospatial.”

While there is an overlap between GIS and Geospatial, the two terms cannot be used interchangeably. In short, all forms of GIS are a type of geospatial technology, but not all geospatial technology is a type of GIS. (Trust me, my brain was overheating by the end of my research, but we’re going to break it down!)


What is GIS?

“GIS refers to a system where geographic information is stored in layers and integrated with geographic software programs so that spatial information can be created, stored, manipulated, analyzed, and visualized (mapped).”

GIS data is  FORM of geospatial data. That data is procured BY geospatial technology. (Sort of like the difference between computer hardware and the data it collects, stores, organizes, and layers.)

Geospatial Technology:

What is Geospatial Technology?

“Geospatial technology refers to all of the technology used to acquire, manipulate, and store geographic information.  GIS is one form of geospatial technology.  GPS, remote sensing and geofencing are other examples of geospatial technology.”

We hoped this little breakdown can help answer any questions you may have had or clear up any confusion! Thank you, as always, for stopping by to read. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to locate our “Connect” tab and ask away! 

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