“The Difference Between GIS and Geospatial.” While there is an overlap between GIS and Geospatial, the two terms cannot be used interchangeably. In short, all forms of GIS are a type of geospatial technology, but not all geospatial technology is a type of GIS. (Trust me, my brain was overheating by the end of my […]

Business Spotlight: “History Flights”

“Using Geospatial Technology to Bring Them Home.” We’re delighted to shine a light on a non-profit organization doing big, wonderful things using geospatial technology. History Flights ( is focused on locating the remains of those brave men and women who may have been killed in action (KIA) or missing in action (MIA) overseas.  (cite: […]

The Name Is Mond. DangerMond.

“Jack Dangermond. The Godfather of Geospatial Tech.” We can’t make this up, readers. The man’s name is Jack Dangermond. It stands to reason that he was fated to do something incredible in life. Since we know his name at all, we’re pretty sure he didn’t enter into the life of being a secret spy or […]

Geospatial Intelligence

Geospatial Intelligence or GEOINT is information that is compiled from analyzing data and images that are linked to a specific location. GEOINT uses imagery to survey and assess human activity and physical geography anywhere on Earth. It is used to analyze the locations of billions of cell phone users, cars, ATM transactions and online activities. […]

Geographic Information System (GIS)

What is GIS? It is a digital tool that allows us to gather geographic information (spatial relationships, patterns, and data) and store, analyze and make a visual of that information for a better understanding of how to utilize land and resources in the most efficient way. It connects data and geography to It is used […]